Mission Statement: "At Robinson Elementary our Mission statement is to educate ALL students at their highest level to ensure lifelong learning with 100% proficient prepared and college/career readiness!"

Safety Tipline information

The Safety Tipline, Online Prevention or S.T.O.P. Tipline is designed for use as an online reporting and prevention tool.  If students, families, or community members know of an unsafe situation in school, they can anonymously pass on that information to school personnel.

  • Start here: STOP Tipline
  • Choose whether to submit a tip about bullying, violence, or other risky behaviors (i.e. alcohol, drugs, self-harm, abuse, theft, etc.)
  • Fill in the check boxes and explain
  • Click submit

This tipline is not for immediate response. If anyone needs help right away, they should dial 911 for the police

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Vision Statement: “To provide a safe environment in which to learn with encouragement of growth and success for ALL learners. We foster college/career readiness and continuous achievement.”